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Communication | Webinar

Students Don’t Read Email: How to Close the Gap with Mobile Technology

It starts with solving the Email Paradox.

Less than 50% of students read emails from their academic department, yet most universities almost exclusively rely on email for communicating with students.


Solving the Email Paradox requires us to rethink how we communicate with students. During this webinar, we discussed how building virtual communities and using targeted push notifications can help you reach the right students with the right message at the right time.

Our panelist, Katey Provence from Arkansas State University - Jonesboro joined us during the webinar to discuss:

  • How ASU-Jonesboro used mobile technology to revolutionize their campus communication strategies
  • The impacts of those changes on their students and staff.
  • How their new, mobile-first communication strategies led to the increased usage of resources like tutoring and counseling, improved student engagement and retention, and fostered a sense of belonging among students