Some College, No Degree

Forty percent of undergraduate students in the US leave school without a degree. Of those students we lose, 30% did not make it to their second year. Many studies spotlight daunting problems like academic unpreparedness, financial struggles, and mental illness as contributors to the retention problem.

The Power of Connection

Research has shown engagement and belongingness to be positively correlated with improved GPAs, increased utilization of resources, resilience to stress, more satisfaction, and higher rates of retention. This report reviews the research and provides ways to improve engagement and belonging at your institution.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The current trends in retention and enrollment
  • Factors that impact student success and their connection to engagement and belonging
  • Ways to improve engagement and belongingness that will impact student success

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The Leading Factors for Improving Retention

Student Success Webinar Series

View webinar recordings at the links below:


  • What if Students Don't Read Email?
  • Working in Silos is Hurting Student Engagement
  • Digital Transformation: Leveling Up with Digital Integrations and Mobile Strategies
  • Engaging First-Generation and Underrepresented Students
  • (Re)Connecting with Students in 2022