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Co-Curricular Engagement that Powers Student Success 

Build a student engagement experience that actually engages students

Move beyond GPA and unlock your students’ full potential with our Co-Curricular Engagement suite. Designed to supercharge student success, our comprehensive tools empower educational institutions to create a transformative engagement experience.

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Co-Curricular Engagement

Your school is a busy place. Students have a lot on their plate and so do your admin teams. You want to lead students towards activities and experiences that will help craft them into the best version of themselves. 

You’re tasked with steering impactful student involvement that reflects the values and objectives of your institution. And you need complete visibility of student engagement data to adapt strategies in real-time - what do you do? CampusGroups provides a suite of co-curricular engagement tools built to supercharge your student success initiatives. 

With tools that allow for intentional guidance and pathways for exploration, students find it easy to become involved. 

Activities are gamified so they’re engaging and data and insights are provided to ensure students don’t slip through the cracks. All of your students’ efforts dynamically populate into a Co-Curricular Transcript - a sharable credential of their out-of-classroom achievements and experiences. 

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Pathways to student success

Activate students and unlock their potential

Reinforcement of institutional values

Align student engagement activities with your institution’s core values and objectives

Effortless data & tracking

Simplify the management of co-curricular activities

A new way to empower students

Equip them with a dynamically populated Co-Curricular Transcript that provides a record of their involvement and opens doors to future opportunities

Comprehensive co-curricular engagement

Offer a diverse yet intentional range of activities and experiences for your students to explore

Success tools that students will actually use

Provide an engaging reason for students to keep coming back.

Today's students seek more than just a diploma. They also crave opportunities that transcend the classroom – personal growth, leadership roles, community service, career development, and experiences that shape their student journey. Unlock the full potential of your students’ journey with our Co-Curricular Engagement suite.

Co-Curricular Engagement

Guide your members through pathways that provide an intentional and engaging learning experience.

  • Tracks & Checklists

  • Service Opportunities & Hours Tracking

  • Gamification


Tracks & Checklists 

Guide your members through pathways that provide an intentional and engaging learning experience.

  • Track - Create a custom curriculum and assign users to complete the requirements. The Track is the overarching theme that can consist of multiple checklists. Tracks are a great way to connect with users to enrich an outside-of-the-classroom experience. 
  • Checklist - Hosted on its own or as part of a theme, checklists are the sections of activities or knowledge that will host action items that users will be able to progress through for credit.


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Service Opportunities & Hours Tracking 

Allow students to explore service opportunities and register to participate. Admins can select service activities, and partners, and provide guidance in other areas for student involvement that reflect institutional values and objectives.

Easily track student’s extra curricular and service-learning hours directly within CampusGroups. 

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Incentivize and track engagement of users and groups within CampusGroups. Use completion rules to automate how Badges and Engagement Points are assigned.

Badges - Recognize users and groups with a digital representation of skills and achievements. Badges display on the user profile as and can be connected to a LinkedIn profile. Badges can also support your institution’s microcredenting programs. 

Engagement Points - Assign Points to users and groups for completing tasks. Points are a fun way for users to track their activity and achievements within the system with a leaderboard that incentivizes friendly competition that keeps students engaged. 

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Co-Curricular Transcript

Move beyond GPA with a 360-degree
view of students' co-curricular involvement.

Go beyond strict academic performance and showcase your students’ unique skills, experiences, and achievements throughout their student journey to potential employers, grad schools, and other academic institutions.

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official or unofficial transcript of your co-curricular involvement, highlighting the students' out-of-classroom experiences such as events they have attended, organizations they have joined or held positions in, and self reported experiences or service hours they have submitted. The CCT can be used to apply for grad school, provide speaking points for job interviews, and to showcase their leadership experience.

Reinforce institutional objectives and values

  • Volunteering, networking, service hours, political organizing, canvassing study abroad, chapel attendance
  • Department-wide, business networking, entrepreneurship, academic society activities and membership, extended lab work. 
  • Empower students to be career ready - giving students the best way to stand out to internships, graduate schools, or employment at competitive companies.

Dynamically Links with Tracks and Checklists

  • CCTs can map directly to the goals, competencies, and learning outcomes outlined in the Tracks and Checklists module within the platform.
  • Allow students to track involvement including memberships, leadership positions, event attendance, and more and generate a document to showcase achievements.

Easy to download and share

  • All student data added in CampusGroups will dynamically populate into the CCT
  • Throughout the student journey, students build and constantly add to their official or unofficial CCT transcript - which is a living, downloadable credential that’s easy to share and add to their resume and online profiles.

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Today, higher education students are facing a myriad of challenges affecting their mental well-being, living situations, engagement levels and academic performance. Did you know that up to 80% of young people are now more likely to report symptoms of depression or anxiety? And that’s not the only worrying figure, as you can see from the infographic.