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Upgrade to Campus App 1.0

Congratulations on using the Campus App platform! We hope you are enjoying your experience and the solution is engaging your students and helping them succeed.
Did you know there are even more ways of utilizing your Campus App?

Campus App 1.0

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Upgrade to 1.0 and you can take advantage of many features to enhance the student and admin experience!
Plus, learn more about Interventions+ below, our biggest feature release yet!

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Rich Text Editor

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Community Keyword Alerts

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My Courses

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Deep integration display.

Displaying key information through integrations with current LMS, SIS, SSO, and other student information sources that allow students to access course information, grades, and payments.

Get the right information to the right students at the right time.
Providing key information to your students through flexible content creation with the use of Resources and Forms.

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The right communications & info throughout the student journey.

Resources allows you to quickly create how-to-documentation enabling you to eliminate any communication issues within your processes.

Simply create resources for course registration process, a guide on how to apply for financial aid & step by step guides on scholarship applications.

You'll be able to create resources using a rich content builder. You'll have the ability to organize & manage all of resources within a resource hub & share your resources through app/web links.

Upgrade from Campus App 0.5 to 1.0 With Ease

As your student success partner, we are constantly developing new ways for you to provide your students with the best possible experience.

We wanted to let you know there are many exciting features in Campus App that you can take advantage of to improve the student experience. Upgrade and take advantage of many more features in Campus App 1.0 which will further improve the student experience and admin efficiencies.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of upgrading today, please book in with your Campus Success Consultant.

Enquire about your upgrade, book an appointment with your Campus Success Consultant.

Upgrade to Campus App 1.0!

Reasons to Upgrade to Campus App 1.0

Take a look at this guide for more information and some of the additional features you and your students can benefit from by upgrading.

This guide will show you how to improve your app experience and what new features you could gain by upgrading your subscription.

PLUS + There's more!

Interventions+ Taking student communication from reactive to proactive:


Institutions can find it hard to understand the thoughts and needs of their students. Likewise, students can find it challenging to find available resources when needed.

Closing the loop is a critical step in the student journey - but how can institutions ensure the right communications are received at the time of need?

Ready Education’s Interventions+ framework allows for early alerts on student needs and provides resources to students based on their feedback and form responses.

Admins can set up automated workflows to check the pulse of their students in any number of important areas - from early alert workflows that allow for quick actions to be taken to more nuanced needs-based interventions that truly close the loop.

The automated workflows can address the top issues that lead to disengagement and potential dropout for students, allowing institutions to make more efficient use of their in-person/on-site resources.

With Interventions+, institutions can ensure students receive the right information at the time of need - taking communications from a reactive to a proactive state throughout the student journey.

Interventions+ v2

Talk to us about Interventions+ and Campus App 1.0.

Are you as excited about Interventions+ just as much as we are?

Start a conversation with us and get upgraded to Campus App 1.0 today.

Alternatively, schedule a demo of our amazing new feature Interventions+ and find out how it could level up your student's campus experience and increase retention. 

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