Technology Leaders in Higher Ed Share Their Insights

The global pandemic forced institutions to find technology solutions to support virtual learning requirements as well as increased demands for digital communication and mobile access. Now more than two years later, it’s clear digital demands are here to stay––and Higher Ed still needs to catch up when it comes to the way it’s using and thinking about technology to support learning, communication, collaboration and connectivity goals. 

Earlier this year, Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research conducted their first-ever survey of Chief Technology and Chief Information Officers, analyzing the responses of 175 participants and revealing trends around topics including staff shortages, digital transformation, and technological investments

The survey results were eye-opening, shedding light on the crucial need for effective technology solutions, as well as the immense gap that’s still prevalent across campuses. For example, while 88% of tech leaders said “leveraging data for retention insights” was a top priority for their institution, only 40% rated their institutions’ investments as very or extremely effective.

Interpreting the Key Findings

In this live roundtable discussion, our panel of experts will dive in to uncover what the survey’s results really tell us—and what they mean for student success this year. 

We’ll be joined by Doug Lederman (co-founder and editor of Inside Higher Ed), Dr. Christine Deacons (VP of Student Success and Research at Ready Education), Matthew Weitzel (IT Project Manager at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design), and Chris Gervais (Chief Technology Officer at Ready Education).

What are the biggest ways technology can positively impact student outcomes in 2023? 
Why have some tech investments not met expectations? 
What can we do to ensure students have the tech solutions they need in the future?

We’ll dive into all of these questions and more. 

What You'll Learn:

  • A summary of important industry trends based on the responses of 175 CTOs and CIOs in higher education
  • The implications of the survey’s key findings––and what they can tell us about the year ahead
  • How institutions can address the gaps in the impact of technology investments when it comes to student success and retention
  • Real examples of how institutions like Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD) have successfully used tech solutions to increase student engagement and positively impact persistence and retention

Your Host


Chris CTO circle

Chris Gervais
Chief Technology Officer Ready Education

Your Speakers

Christine D

Christine Deacons, PhD
VP Student Success
Ready Education


Doug Lederman
Co-Founder and Editor
Inside Higher Ed

Matt W circle

Matthew Weitzel
IT Project Manager 
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

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