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Everyone Is Invited: Top Student Affairs Strategies To Increase Engagement

School is in session and students are bustling all around campus. Orientation welcomed the incoming class with a flurry of events and information sessions. Clubs and groups are in full swing and recruiting new members but is every student on your campus connected and engaged?


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Anastasia Grady

Campus Partnerships

Ready Education

Maddy Hauck

Customer Success Consultant

Ready Education

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Guest Speaker:
Jeremy Mastin

Student Engagement & Experience Coordinator

St. Lawrence College

Improve Your Student Engagement with these Simple Student Affairs Strategies

We all know how important it is to give students a sense of belonging to increase their persistence in school because when students feel connected to their peers —and greater campus community—they are more likely to succeed and graduate.

On this webinar, you’ll see how a digital solution can make engaging your students more simple, straightforward, and effective. From empowering student leaders to increasing event attendance, the strategies shared by Jeremy Mastin from St. Lawrence College will help you to create the best experience for your students.

What you'll learn:

  • Why cultivating a vibrant campus community for your students is important to ensuring their success.
  • The top strategies St. Lawrence College has used to increase student engagement among all students, even the hardest to reach and increase retention rates.
  • Quick, easy ways to implement these student affairs strategies at your institution without a big lift from your team.