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Transforming Student Services with a Mobile-First Approach

Leaders from Student Affairs, Student Services, Enrollment Management, Marketing and IT will not want to miss this discussion about Coast Community College Districts inspirational journey to transform the student experience.


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Kristin Brenna

Solutions Architect

Ready Education

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Guest Speaker:
Carlos Amescua

Director of Student Leadership and Engagement

Coastline College

Guest Speaker:
Jovani Figueroa 

Student Life - Social Media Specialist

Golden West College

Guest Speaker:
Mike Morvice

Director Of Student

Orange Coast College

Community Portal Strengthens Engagement and Efficiency

Starting in 2018, the Coast Community College District partnered with Ready Education to reimagine student services in a way that meets students where they live - on their smartphones! 

Each of the 3 colleges in CCCD has a dedicated mobile app that helps inspire student success. Using their college app, more CCCD students are able to meet deadlines, utilize student services, participate in events, enroll in clubs, give feedback, access resources, and most importantly network with peers, faculty and staff. 

By taking a mobile-first approach, CCCD is leveraging technology to empower students to address their needs, access resources equitably, and learn in a safe environment right in the palm of their hands. In addition to transforming student engagement, the approach also created huge operational efficiencies for CCCD staff. 

What you'll learn:

  • How technology can be leveraged more effectively to meet each student where they are.
  • How to break out of siloed thinking when it comes to student success; how CCCD works smarter, not harder by collaborating across campus.
  • Review of CCCD’s impressive results in driving adoption of student services and increasing student/staff interactions without being a burden on already understaffed teams.