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Back to School: Digital Campus Engagement 101

Welcome back to campus! Sharpen your pencils and take a seat as we discuss best practices to evaluate your own digital engagement strategy and review an on demand demo of CampusGroups.


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Anastasia Grady

Campus Partnerships

Ready Education

Kristin Brenna

Campus Partnerships

Ready Education

This is the best time to identify gaps in the student digital experience and plan for the coming year. 

Fall is just around the corner, students are back to class and campus administrators are ready to provide the best student experience.

Questions to consider: 

  • Do students know how to access all available resources and opportunities?
  • How many platforms do our admins utilize to deliver student engagement? 
  • Are we enabled to track and measure student engagement over time? 
  • Do student leaders have an intuitive platform they want to, not have to, use?
  • Are we reaching all students, or just the most engaged ones? 
If you don’t have a digital engagement platform or are evaluating alternatives for your current system, grab a seat in class for Digital Campus Engagement 101 for a look at CampusGroups: the digital campus engagement platform.

What you'll learn:

  • Centralized community engagement for your campus
  • Enabling student leaders with tools they need to manage their organizations
  • Virtual experiences for campus events: Orientation, Activity Fairs and more
  • Enabling administrative efficiency without IT bandwidth
  • Automated engagement metrics to influence strategy