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Putting students First: Defining Your Digital Student Experience Strategy

How can the right technology put students at the center of their experience? Take a tour around our CampusGroups solution to learn how to put students first with a personalized, digital experience for everyone on your campus.


Nathan Renner

Nathan Renner

Campus Partnerships

Ready Education

Student Engagement and the Digital Student Experience

Today’s students expect a personalized educational experience that puts them at the center. From registering for classes, to accessing campus resources and finding their community, we know students thrive when they have easy access to the resources and communication channels they need, when they need them. 

Put simply: Student success starts with giving students the ability to curate their experience and engage with peers, faculty, and campus life online.

During this live presentation, Nathan Renner from our Campus Partnerships team will discuss how to develop a digital student experience strategy that’s actually student-centric. He’ll share three proven student engagement strategies and show you how to use the core features of our CampusGroups solution to give students the power to build the experience they want, without creating more work for your faculty and staff.

See the impact an immersive digital experience can have on your students and learn how easy it is to get started.

What you'll learn:

  • Why it’s crucial to develop a digital student experience strategy that puts students at the center of their experience. 
  • How to use technology to improve and simplify student engagement in a way that gives students the agency they crave.
  • How to create impactful, quick wins for your students with a digital solution in just a couple of months, without a heavy lift from your staff.

You should join if:

  • You want to improve student engagement at your institution and provide a better digital experience for your students that actually puts students first.
  • You want to understand how other universities use technology to support student engagement initiatives and create student-centric experiences.
  • You are passionate about increasing positive outcomes for your students and ensuring success.