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Move Beyond the GPA: Offering Your Students What they are Really Looking for From their College Experience

Learn top strategies for increasing career readiness and preparing students holistically for success after graduation.


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Jennifer McGee

Customer Success Consultant

Ready Education

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David Kaplan

Solutions Engineer

Ready Education

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Guest Speaker:
Paige Redmond

Associate Director,
Student Activities and Greek Life

Gettysburg College

Offer students the most out of their college experience

A survey in 2022 found that most Americans thought the primary goals of college should be career readiness and providing a well-rounded education. In-classroom instruction can offer students numerous job-related skills; however, the college experience also plays a crucial role in fostering and developing essential soft skills that extend beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings.

Students want their college experience to directly prepare them for a job after graduation, but it can be difficult for schools to effectively provide, organize, and document the extracurricular activities that happen outside of the classroom.

That’s where Ready Education's Co-Curricular Engagement suite comes in! It empowers administrators to craft rich, fulfilling experiences for students, enhancing their college journey and helping them build soft skills crucial to their success in the professional working world. With tools like Tracks & Checklists, Service Opportunities & Hours Tracking, and Co-Curricular Transcripts, institutions can give students a meaningful, structured way to provide the structure for students to excel academically while also enabling them to document and share their transformative out-of-classroom experiences.

We will be joined by the Associate Director, Office of Student Activities and Greek Life from Gettysburg College, Paige Redmond, to our live discussion with the Ready team. She will share some of the ways her campus uses the tools from Ready Education to engage and involve students in campus life. Plus, some of the ways she is seeing improvements in student engagement levels and the details behind specific, really successful co-curricular engagement initiatives at Gettysburg College.

What you'll learn:

  • Why do students benefit from enriching activities outside of the classroom and how they can document these after graduation
  • Specific examples from Gettysburg College of how they use the tools from Ready Education to engage their students and create a fulfilling college experience for every single student
  • How  you can create better student experiences without demanding more from your faculty and staff

You Should Join If:

  • You’re looking to move beyond GPA with a 360-degree view of students' co-curricular involvement
  • You’re looking for new and powerful ways to engage your students throughout their entire college experience and beyond
  • You’re looking for success tools that students will actually use and allows for incentives and gamification
  • You’re looking to supercharge your student success initiatives on campus