The 2020 Back to School season was like none other. That's why this Fall, it’s more important than ever that we support students through an informative, safe, and engaging back-to-school experience, regardless of whether you are on campus, online, or a little of both.

In this webinar, we will cover Best Practices for Back to School. Join us to learn about:
  • How to support incoming new students and 'first-time' sophomores
  • How to maximize your campus community to drive engagement
  • Ideas for maintaining a happy, healthy campus
  • Tips & tricks we’ve learned from your peer institutions


Who Should Attend?

This session will be perfect for both 'first-timers' and experienced mobile app admins.


Presented by:


Teri Higgins, Ph.D.
Senior Campus Success Consultant



Peter O'Reilly
Senior Campus Success Consultant


Jessie Yeager
Campus Success Consultant


Talia Bahri, Psy.D.
Head of Customer Success



Chelsea Goza
Campus Success Consultant


Carrie Dionne
Campus Success Consultant



Theo Tomich
Campus Success Consultant

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