Are you using your mobile app to its full capability in this time of crisis?

COVID-19 is having a major impact on higher education as the outbreak continues to spread. As many institutions implement emergency protocols and move to online instruction, we want to ensure our campus partners are feeling 100% supported during this challenging time.

Join us as we discuss best practices to leverage the Ready platform to keep your campus community informed and connected during this time.


What you’ll learn

  • How to make ensure your PERMISSIONS are in place for crisis support staff
  • How to make the most of STUDIO to get accurate information out to your campus community  
  • How to leverage the CAMPUS WALL to maintain a strong community during crisis 
  • When and how to use NOTIFICATIONS in urgent and emergency situations
  • How to mobilize access to your ACADEMIC resources and portals 
  • How to create a staff specific EXPERIENCE 
  • How your Campus Success Consultant can SUPPORT you during this time

Presented by:

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Gary Fortier

Chief Executive Officer

Leanna Laskey McGrath

VP Customer Success

Teri Higgins, PhD

Senior Campus Success Consultant