Does your institution’s emergency plan keep students engaged in a time of crisis?

As institutions mobilize their emergency preparedness plans in response to COVID-19, it’s becoming clear that many institutions are not fully prepared with the ability to rapidly communicate and support students, faculty and administrators outside the classroom. While institutions are generally equipped to host virtual courses via their LMS, many are struggling to provide centralized communications across institutional systems, services, and programs.  

Join us as we share the strategies institutions today are using to bolster their emergency plans.

What you'll learn:

1. How to use 2-way campus communication at three levels for targeted messaging:
    • Global
    • Topic specific channels
    •  Private direct messaging
2. Best practices to maintain remote student engagement 
    • Content publication & syndication (eg: Emergency Response Toolkit)
    • Push notifications
    • Virtual communities

Please join us as we review relevant solutions to help you maintain the integrity of your institutional programs while keeping your campus informed throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

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Chris Hopkinson

Chief Strategy Officer

Ready Education

Andrzej Tereszkowski

Customer Training Specialist

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