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Resources to keep students engaged, successful and happy 

Engagement is a key driver of student success and a top priority in higher education.

Drawing from our experience helping 740+ campuses engage their community, we built this resource hub to help you better engage your students and help them succeed no matter where they are in the student lifecycle.

The Student Engagement Hub
The Ultimate Student Engagement Guide

5 High Impact Ways Proven to Increase Engagement

Did you know that having an all-in-one student experience platform can increase student success from Day-1? 

When students have a single place to access key resources, connect and engage they are more likely to complete their degree. 

They are also more likely to build meaningful connections and a sense of belonging, which research shows is fundamental to student retention.

The Student Engagement Guide
Student Engagement: Image-Webinar
Live Webinar

Tackling the Top Challenges in Student Success

Join our upcoming webinar to gain valuable insights from stories shared by customers worldwide on the most effective ways to engage students.

Learn best practices from diverse experiences and perspectives, broadening your understanding and enhancing your student engagement strategies.

Don't miss this opportunity - register now and be a part of it.


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Seattle, Washington: March 9-13, 2024

NASPA Annual Conference

NASPA's Annual Conference is a global gathering of student affairs professionals passionate about important higher education issues.

With a focus on networking, learning, and collaboration, this conference provides valuable insights and resources for attendees. #NASPA24

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Riverside, California: March 18-21, 2024 

CISOA Technology Summit 

Join us at the CISOA Technology Summit in Riverside, California.The Summit theme is Where Technology and Innovation Meet.

Visit us at booth #611 to connect with our team and learn more about communicating with students using the technology they're familiar with. 

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Resources to Increase Student Engagement


Key Success Feature

Move Beyond GPA with Co-Curricular Engagement

The academic transcript has traditionally been the blueprint of a student’s accomplishments. However, it does not provide a holistic view of college life. Co-curricular transcripts (CCTs) provide a record of a student’s involvement in learning experiences outside the classroom.

To learn more about CCTs and digital solutions that track and encourage student involvement through a certification process check out this resource.

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Blog Post

Supporting Your Students To Find An Internship In College

Prepare your students for success with our ultimate guide to landing an awesome internship.

Discover high-impact practices that help college students engage and grow outside of the classroom, chart their professional path and become career ready.


On Demand Webinar

Improve Engagement with these Proven Student Affairs Strategies

Upgrading platforms increased student engagement at St. Lawrence College (SLC) 

  • Implementing a centralized student engagement platform increased involvement among all students, even the hardest to reach.
  • SLC’s dedicated mobile app has helped increase event attendance.
  • To improve student onboarding, with automated workflows.
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Today, higher education students are facing a myriad of challenges affecting their mental well-being, living situations, engagement levels and academic performance. Did you know that up to 80% of young people are now more likely to report symptoms of depression or anxiety? And that’s not the only worrying figure, as you can see from the infographic.