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Keeping students safe in the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge Tiffin University approached seriously. They launched a COVID-19 task force that brought in best practices for social distancing, including hybrid education, social distancing signage, and even contactless move-in to their residences. But what helped their Associate Dean of Students and Director of Campus Safety “sleep better” was launching the Contact Trace add-on for their Ready Education Student Engagement Platform. This webinar explores Tiffin University’s many approaches to keep students safe, including their contact tracing solution.

“It weighed on me how we were going to do contact tracing, and once we got the app where we wanted it to be, it made my life a lot easier. I’ve been able to sleep better.”   -   Jacob Simon, Associate Dean of Students

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to implement a contact tracing solution that students will feel comfortable using
  • Lessons from Tiffin University's experience adapting to hybrid education
  • The importance of reinforcing your online community while we're social distancing

Group 176

Jacob Simon

Associate Dean of Students

Tiffin University

Sean Durocher

Sean Durocher

Director of Campus Safety and Security

Tiffin University


Danial Jameel

Co-Founder & President

Ready Education

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