Promote Student Engagement, Even When We're Social Distancing

As a member of the California Community College system with a dynamic on-campus experience, going completely online was an unprecedented experience for Golden West College and its diverse student body. Despite that, their administrative team rallied to leverage mobile technology to offer students new opportunities to connect, engage, and express themselves.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn valuable lessons from Golden West College about how you can drive student retention and build community amidst a global pandemic.

What you'll learn:

  • Why going mobile helps engage and retain students, despite social distancing.
  • What digital student engagement tactics work to drive a sense of online community.
  • Lessons community colleges can take about their student bodies pre- and post-COVID.





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Christina Ryan Rodriguez

Dean of Enrollment Services

Golden West College

Frank Cirioni

Director of Campus Life

Golden West College

Julian Bucci

Account Executive

Ready Education