Predict Student Retention with 83% Accuracy

In this webinar, we will discuss how mobile technology can capture attention and help drive repeatable student success results. We will unpack core fundamentals including: centralization, community, engagement, assessment and intervention and understand how mobile apps are the ideal environment for they align with student success as well as gain insights from a detailed retention study from Concordia Wisconsin University and also highlight results from Eastern Michigan University.

What you’ll learn

  1. The overall retention impact of a mobile campus app.
  2. Engagement inside and outside of the classroom and it’s impact on retention.
  3. How a virtual community, peer to peer engagement and sense of belonging impact retention.
  4. A retention strategy for current and incoming students, with a 83% prediction success rate.
  5. How to leverage best practices to reduce summer melt by up to 44%.


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Alice Dinu

VP Student Success & Research & Co-Founder

Ready Education

Devan Lenz-Fisher

Academic & Career Advisor

Concordia University Wisconsin

Dr. Christine Deacons

Director, Academic Support Programs, Holman Success

Eastern Michigan University