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Universiteit Utrecht

Universiteit Utrecht

De Universiteit Utrecht is sinds het huidig collegejaar (2017-2018) volledig overgestapt op een digitale collegekaart. De studenten ontvangen niet langer een geplastificeerde collegekaart maar vinden deze nu digitaal terug in de MyUU app.
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Hogeschool InHolland: toegevoegde waarde StuComm als partner

Bij Hogeschool InHolland is relevant zijn belangrijk. De hogeschool wil in alle opzichten relevant zijn voor haar studenten. Dat betekent passende studies, maar ook passende communicatie. 
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Aventus: “StuComm werkt constant aan verbeteringen”

De MijnAventus app werd door de studenten erg goed ontvangen, maar wat deed Aventus tot het besluit te komen om een app te introduceren?
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Community portal strengthens campus connections and engagement at Johns Hopkins University.

JHU needed an all-in-one community engagement platform. Due to the university’s structure, the system had to be highly customizable. According to Calvin L. Smith, Jr., JHU’s Sr. Director, Leadership Engagement & Experiential Development, “CG provided JHU with the solutions it needed in one place.
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University of Huddersfield

Removing barriers to student information and centralizing resources.

The University of Huddersfield faced a number of challenges prior to the implementation of myHud. Most important were the barriers students found on their path to the information they needed. Find out how they turned a corner with a centralized ed tech solution.
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Mc Gill

Closing the communication gap on campus during critical orientation periods.

Learn how McGill University worked with Ready Education to develop and launch their mobile strategy specifically targeting first-year students during orientation.

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Craven College

Retiring antiquated processes and disparate systems for a unified solution.

With myday, the app and portal by Ready Education, integrating those disparate systems became an easy reality. Everything a student needs is surfaced in one easy-to-access place, on a smartphone and online.
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delaware state university

How Delaware State University Achieved a 90% App Adoption in the First Three Days of Their Launch

Launching a brand new EdTech solution on campus is an exciting time, but how do you get your students to embrace your new campus mobile app? Take a look at Delewares amazing launch week that seen 90% app adoption in it's first three days.
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Ayrshire College

Scaling an off-the-shelf application with bespoke features.

An initial out-of-the-box solution to accelerate Ayrshire's digital student experience project and improve the online experience of their students.
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Improving Student Communications and creating a unified resource.

University information and resources are now easily accessible in one centralized place. Thanks to the app’s targeted communication features, students now receive relevant announcements and reminders directly on their phones.
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