Increase Student Success with a Digital Community Strategy

Studies have shown that when students feel like they belong they are more likely to have better persistence, engagement, and mental health. Their connectedness with the campus community protects them from stress and contributes to an improved sense of belonging, proven to have positive downstream impacts on retention.

However, each student’s situation is different and it’s not always easy for students to engage with their school or their peers. Likewise, it can be difficult for institutions to identify students who are disengaged and intervene with the right resources before it’s too late.

The right digital platform can help institutions support students in building community and finding their tribe, whether they live on campus, commute to classes, or learn online. Faculty and staff can easily take the pulse of campus life and communicate effectively and efficiently with students. An online community space also helps identify and support students before they become at-risk.

Join this live webinar to learn more about the power of community and how online “hub” spaces can improve student engagement and success. You’ll hear directly from  Jeffrey Olsen, Vice President of Student Experience & Dean of Students at Post University.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why a sense of belonging is important and has an impact on student persistence.
  • How building an online community can support your students on campus and off.
  • Specific ways Post University uses their app to grow their online communities and engage their students.
  • How to create impactful, quick wins for your students with a mobile app in just a couple of months, without a heavy lift from your staff.

You Should Join If...

  • You are looking for ways to increase student engagement and positively impact student retention.
  • You are interested in fostering a sense of belonging in groups that have historically been less engaged than their peers - including first-generation, non-traditional, commuter, and online students.
  • You are a university administrator or leader curious about how technology impacts student success and engagement.


Your Speakers

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Jeffrey Olsen

Vice President of Student Experience &
Dean of Students
Post University


Your Host


John Hope

VP of Sales
Ready Education

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