Some College, No Degree

Forty percent of undergraduate students in the US leave school without a degree. Students' reasons for stopping vary. They can include financial struggles, academic difficulties, physical or mental illness, social isolation, or a mix of each of these and more. Schools prepare to meet these needs with financial advisors, tutoring centers, and counseling services, but often struggle to connect at-risk students to the right resources before it's too late.

Proactive Interventions+

Many students find it difficult or embarrassing to seek help in person or over the phone. Learn how technology can be used to address these students by collecting earlier behavioral signals and making appropriate outreach more timely and efficient - taking student communication from reactive to proactive.

What You'll Learn:

  • The top reasons why students stop out and how to reach them before it's too late
  • How to close the loop and ensure your students have the right resources in their time of need
  • How to use mobile technology to address the top issues that lead to disengagement and dropout for students
  • How using smart automated workflows allows institutions to make more efficient use of their in-person/on-site resource

Your Speakers

Christine D

Christine Deacons, PhD
VP Student Success
Ready Education


Joshua Hendrick
Sr Product Marketing Manager
Ready Education

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Taking Student Communication from Reactive to Proactive

Dec 8th, 2 PM ET

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