Will Spring 2022 Be A Season of Disconnection?

In a typical Spring semester, we tend to see less activity on campus than in the bustling Fall semester. In Spring 2020 student engagement was further diminished by the pandemic-related disruptions. This led to sharp decreases in students’ satisfaction with their educational experiences. Sadder yet, college enrollment fell nearly 5% in Spring of 2021 compared with the year before. That’s 727,000 fewer students according to the National Student Clearing House.

We know that students have higher rates of persistence and satisfaction when they feel connected to their school and each other. How can we set the stage for reconnection?

Overcoming Communication Gaps and Inspiring Engagement

Scott Spriggs, Chief Creative Officer and VP of Recruitment and Marketing at Shenandoah University, posits that engagement is sparked by communication. He and David Buckley, Media Specialist in Student Life at Rutgers-Camden, will describe their student-centered communication and engagement promotion strategies for 2022.


What You'll Learn

  • The challenges related to engaging students during and after the pandemic
  • The role of communication in encouraging student engagement, fostering belongingness and student wellbeing 
  • Student-centered, digital communication strategies that lead to positive student outcomes.

scott circle

Scott Spriggs
VP of Recruitment & Marketing & Chief Creative Officer
Shenandoah University

david buckley

David Buckley
Media Specialist
Division of Student Life


John Hope
VP of Sales
North America
Ready Education

Student Success Series

This webinar is part of a monthly Student Success Series where we'll explore:


  • What if Students Don't Read Email?
  • Working in Silos is Hurting Student Engagement
  • Digital Transformation: Leveling Up with Digital Integrations and Mobile Strategies
  • For the Ones that Don't Raise their Hands: Engaging First-Generation and Underrepresented Students
  • (Re)Connecting with Students in 2022
    • Jan. 20th at 2 pm ET, 11 am PT

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