The COVID-19 pandemic impacts higher education across every dimension and will continue to demand administrators’ agility as it curtails in 2021. This webinar explores those impacts through a survey of leaders in higher education and stories from the students living it. Also, hear from Education Futurist Bryan Alexander on how the trends we saw in 2020 will continue to evolve in 2021, as more schools re-open and grapple with changing approaches to protecting the health of their campus communities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How colleges and universities are adapting to online or hybrid education models and are preparing to come back to campus.
  • What budgetary challenges became the most pressing during the pandemic and how different higher ed leadership teams marshalled their financial resources.
  • Which institutional priorities are shifting to take on greater prominence in our ‘new COVID-19 normal’, with a particular focus on mental health, edtech, and student experience.
  • How Austin College safely brought students back with zero on-campus transmissions.


Bryan Alexander

Education Futurist,
Author of Academia Next

Beth Gill

Beth Gill

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Austin College


Annastacia Espinoza

Student Community Leader & Advocate

Golden West College

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