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student success 

Resources they can find and resources they’ll use

Our one stop shop solutions are built on a centralized portal where students access resources and information on the web and on the go. You’ll have visibility of consolidated student data and engagement metrics: calendars, events, email data - it’s all there. Your faculty and staff will have streamlined processes for ensuring a vibrant student experience on campus. 

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Academic Affairs

A True One Stop Shop

One of the best ways to ensure student success is by providing a seamless and convenient platform for accessing essential academic resources, course materials, academic calendars, and campus services.

Our solution provides a single portal for students and admins to access resources that integrate with your systems, streamlines and automates processes, and offers mobile and web parity. 

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Academic Affairs

A centralized portal that drives student success

Enhance the student experience by streamlining access to resources and information in one place.

The centralized web/mobile portal enables efficient communication of important updates, academic policies, and support services, ensuring that students receive timely and consistent information. 

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Academic Affairs

Increase student engagement and utilization of resources

Help your students discover critical resources that they not only can find but will actually use.

The right resources can lead to academic success. Help your students discover critical resources that they not only can find but will actually use

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Academic Affairs

Integrations with the systems you use the most

Ready Education's solutions offer flexible systems integrations that bring together your most important systems. These include integrations with LMS and SIS systems as well as integrations with payment systems, personal calendars, room reservations and more. 

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Academic Affairs

High touch student experience at scale

Our solutions provide centralized communication channels that enable students, faculty, and staff to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and drive campus-wide engagement.

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How can you improve the first year experience to set your students up for success?

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Learn about the Power of a Mobile Communication Strategy

Learn how centralising communication via a campus-wide mobile platform helped McGill improve their first-year student experience while saving 250 hours of staff time.



Identifying & intervening at-risk students before it's too late

"The app has allowed us to identify and intervene with at-risk students by letting us know which students are engaging with campus activities and which ones are not."



Community Portal Strengthens Campus Connections & Engagement

LHU needed an all-in-one community engagement platform. Due to the university’s structure, the system had to be highly customizable.

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