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How higher ed marketing teams win

How can marketing teams position themselves as a driving force behind an institution's success and reputation? They need solutions that centralize and streamline communications, that provide visibility of student data and engagement metrics, and that promote campus-wide community engagement.

Ready Education’s solutions empower marketing teams on all fronts. 

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Targeted and strategic communication

Ready Education’s solutions provide campus-wide communication that effectively reach your students where they are.

Further streamlining your communications allows marketing teams to proactively engage students, build target messaging and outreach efforts, deliver personalized experiences, and make data-driven decisions. 

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A centralized portal for resources and information

A centralized mobile/web portal provides students with easy access to self-service essential resources and information - resulting in a seamless and convenient experience.

Students can find what they need and engage with content and resources campus-wide. 

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Promote campus-wide community engagement

Build a vibrant student community with tools that create spaces for students and admins to connect, work, and foster community engagement on a single shared platform.

Your team’s communications will shape how the community interacts and engages with the institution - from branding, to values, to your school’s culture and spirit. 

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Deliver a high-touch student experience at scale

Ready Education's solutions help your institution align with student’s digital fluency and expectations.

With a one stop shop mobile portal for centralized communications and engagement, marketing teams can easily meet those expectations.    


Make the most of your social media outreach

Take the hassle out of social media management and attempts at serving multiple audiences on the same channels and accounts.

With centralized student communications and digital community provided for, marketing teams can now free up their social media efforts to exclusively address a prospective student audience. 

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Tackling The Communication Gap

The Path To Effective Student Communication

Effective student communication is an ever-evolving challenge. Check out our infographic for you to follow.

Hear from our customers. 

Learn more about the successes our customers have experienced when working with Ready Educartion.



Learn about the Power of a Mobile Communication Strategy

Learn how centralising communication via a campus-wide mobile platform helped McGill improve their first-year student experience while saving 250 hours of staff time.



Identifying & intervening at-risk students before it's too late

"The app has allowed us to identify and intervene with at-risk students by letting us know which students are engaging with campus activities and which ones are not."



Community Portal Strengthens Campus Connections & Engagement

LHU needed an all-in-one community engagement platform. Due to the university’s structure, the system had to be highly customizable.

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